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“Wendy Goodman led the New England Traffic and Safety Education Association through a series of strategic planning sessions.  She has the unique ability to lead a group, in an affirming manner, through its history and into the future.  Respect and admiration for all participants is an important part of Wendy’s leadership.  I highly recommend her to groups of people trying to move forward with who they are and what they want to accomplish.”

Lindsay Townsend, Consultant
National Driver Education
                      Teacher of the Year
Driver and Traffic Safety Education
Vermont Department of Education

 “Wendy, Thank you , thank you!  You did a fabulous job of holding, guiding and supporting us to outcomes.  I deeply appreciate your presence and work with us.”

Nancy Plumer
President New Visions  Kingston, NY

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. 

While trying to create a small retail business, I was feeling overwhelmed and very scattered.  I was undecided about so many things.  I had so many different tasks to deal with and so many decisions to make in the midst of chaos, I felt that I was getting nowhere and I was extremely frustrated.

I was introduced to Wendy by a mutual friend. With her insightful perspective, mind maps and her valuable consultations, Wendy was able to help me see how to achieve the results I needed to move forward.  She kept me focused on the immediate task at hand, handling things in an orderly manner, prioritizing, keeping goals in mind and giving me supportive guidance.  Her style was responsive to my needs & allowed me the flexibility I required.

I appreciated Wendy’s encouragement and persistence and feel she would be an asset for so many people’s businesses and processes.

                                                                                                       Loretta Viecelli

Artist, Entrepreneur

I’ve had the good fortune to take the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and discuss the results with the guidance of Wendy Goodman, a Leadership and Life Coach. Wendy is a very bright, intuitive and sensitive coach who was able to explain the results of the index with clarity and perceptiveness. Her down to earth approach in relating concepts to relevant possible expressions in life, coupled with her excellent interpersonal and listening skills were very helpful in expanding my understanding of how I relate to others and my environment. I found Wendy’s explanations cogent and easy to understand and perhaps more importantly, to apply. I would confidently recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach either to explore career opportunities or to develop a deeper understanding of how to use their strengths in life/career exploration and to help affect the changes they would like to make in their lives. Whether focusing on a personal vision, a professional pursuit or a leadership, parenting or relationship exploration Wendy will surely enhance the exploration, making it a swifter, deeper, more sustainable and more enjoyable experience.

Susie Zeiger

ESL Teacher

Volunteer interpreter in Haiti

“Wendy, I appreciate you wisdom.  You listen so well and have such skill in extrapolating the essence of what I am saying. :)”

Kirsty Digger


New Paltz NY Nursing Professor


“Wendy Goodman is tremendously talented.  I first had the opportunity to work with her in 1997 when we both served as members of the steering committee of a not-for-profit consultants’ collaborative.  Wendy stood out in her clear, direct and yet gentle ability to state the unspoken truths that need a voice to keep meetings moving forward to positive resolution.  It is this ability to facilitate groups that first struck me.


Several years later I worked with Wendy as she created a non-profit cultural arts center in Jacmel, Haiti called SKAKAJ and the U. S. 501c3 Avanse that supported it.  As President of the Avanse board, I had the privilege to regularly collaborate with Ms. Goodman. During this time I saw Wendy establish a business structure, create skill development strategies for staff and consumers, execute successful team building sessions and aid in the identification and clarification of goals and the action plans necessary to achieve those goals.


Wendy continues to be an invaluable business partner an asset to any endeavor she undertakes.”

Susan J Marcus, LCSW

Owner, Life Works ®

Executive Coach and Psychotherapist

Joy is Peace Dancing & Peace is Joy resting. 

“Over a period of 6-9 months, Wendy, my management team and an equal number of technical leaders identified/addressed organizational issues associated with increased work load and limited resources.  Ultimately they created a new team identity/culture where everyone felt ownership for the business…with the real proof coming as the entire organization bought into the process and the newly empowered team continued the process of identifying issues and reshaping the organization and business practices.  Wendy’s support enabled me to build one of the strongest and most effective organizations I’ve had the opportunity to manage.  She is committed to helping people grow and realize their potential.  Wendy was a catalyst and inspiration for personal change. ”

Tina Gleisner, Program Director  IBM


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