I work with leaders and other individuals who want to get more out of their lives, professionally or personally.    You may be confronted with an imminent change, undertaking a new project or confused about what their next best step is.  You may be looking at life/work balance, team success, navigating turbulent times of change and/or revisiting life purpose.

I will work with you to 1) clarify the issue at hand: its various aspects and impacts, 2) envision a desired outcome 3) and determine and consistently take manageable actions to move towards and realize your desired future.

My best work engages my heart, intuition and interpersonal skills.  It incorporates communication, human dynamics and higher learning with  personal growth and purpose of the client.

Change is a constant in life.  Whether you are a leader of others or only of your own life, having a coach to help you navigate the changing waters can improve the journey significantly.  Please check out the pages on Individual Coaching and Leadership Coaching and see Your Next Steps

All work is guaranteed confidential.

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