In Wendy’s words

Words of Wendy Goodman, principal:

I’ve been privileged to explore and experience the similarities and differences amongst diverse culture, leading me to new understandings and an ever broadening perspective.  My mission and delight are fulfilled as I engage all of my skills and talents in service to my clients’ realization of their highest aspirations.

 Fundamentally,  I believe that
– reality is way beyond what I can conceive;
– being alive is about connecting, growing and changing;
– each of us is equipped with the ability to realize our greatest self and live our best life; 
we can all use all the help we can get!

I am driven:
By the belief that where each of is at any given time is exactly right for us and that we can always be and do better.  I have spent my life exploring how people live and interact in diverse cultures and situations.  Always seeking and practicing ways to synergistically engage diversity. My adventures and life have been ‘grist for the mill’ that I am; consistently exploring and practicing self-development on as many levels as I could access.  I love my work, to me it is a joy of life that allows me the honor of consciously participating in the life masterpiece of a fellow human while contributing to my own;

Towards increased understanding, effectiveness, justice and peace. I have pursued personal development in conjunction with organizational development.  From the individual, to the team, to the leader, to the organization I am fascinated at the human capacity for complexity, simplicity, perseverance and success.  Creating a space of safety to explore possibilities is necessary to begin to increase expanded understanding.  I am privileged that the ability to so is one of my talents and greatest joys.

By the conviction that we are stewards of our planet, that earth is alive, she is truly our mother.   I take this responsibility and honor very seriously, it pervades most everything I do.

I thrive when most of me is fully engaged. This happens often, especially when I’m out in Nature,  feeling and expressing creativity, sharing deeply and/or immersed in a consciousness of the Sacred.

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